mondays about me: the art of bathing


so I adore blogging with all of my heart and one of the reasons I started was to have a creative outlet that allowed me to talk about things that make me happy or things that I just simply enjoy talking about and hoping you all can follow along with my witty words and funny phrases. so I decided every monday I would grace you all with a post of something I just love talking about, so onto the first one!

So I’m the biggest scaredy cat on the face of the earth. like the one that is constantly looking outside the shower curtain to make sure no one is in the room even though i was alone the second i stepped into the shower. which brings me into why i enjoy baths so so SO much more. Now it all started when I was little and baths were the routine way of washing up. as a toddler I adored my mom washing my hair as i made her “smoothies” which were I’m sure quite a delicious mix of every bottle of shampoo we had sitting out plus running water for extra bubbles. it was truly the time of my life. (i was a pretty easily entertained kid)  As I grew up I still wasn’t a huge fan of showers. I actually refused them for quite a large period of my life convincing my parents I was completely fine washing my hair in the bath all by myself which they found very frustrating and would beg me to shower, which i usually never did.

don’t worry, i shower now. But the love of baths has still remained in my life. I try to make sure I have one at least once a week because me time is highly important for any busy gal. although I usually end up having two or three a week during the summer because nothing and I mean nothing feels better after a long day at the pool. (hard life i know;)) LUSH has been my savior for about the past 3 years or so once i found out about it. I am seriously obsessed and 100% recommend grabbing a few goodies for yourself on their website or a store near you!

hope you liked this little rant of mine! relax and take a bath!

xo, Ally

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