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why hey friends long time no talk. (or long time no me type you read my blog…? not sure how that one works….) anyways, it’s been crazy busy in the allison nicole world and junior year is FINALLY wrapping up. can i get an A-MEN? (please feel free to quietly whisper it to whatever device you’re reading this from) Next week are finals for me and on next Thursday I’m off to Ft. Lauderdale for National Speech Tournament numero dos. I’m super excited to speech again but more excited for the beach and shops down in Florida…just don’t tell my coach that. I had a little free time tonight so decided I would update you while I could on what life has been like for me!


national speech tournament numero uno feat. a few sassy members of my team and the best coach on this planet. (Rachel who has been featured here many times before didn’t get the smile memo…)


parent trap twins or Kenna and Ally? I wish we could say we were cute and planned this whole matching thing for watching finals that night but no we just saw each other and said you’ve got to be kidding me and exchanged “you have to go change I’m not gonna”s for a good 10 minutes before settling on just looking like twins.


Just the darn best chicken and fried pickles you’ll ever have. Slim Chicken is now coming to Omaha soon my local friends 🙂

Well there’s a quick update on my life, hope you enjoyed! I can’t wait until finals are over because I have so many fun things in store for you! (feat. more fashion posts which I’m dying to get started on) Hope these last few weeks of school treat you well!

xoxo, Allison

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