prom recap


prom. probably a combination of the world’s most stressful and thrilling day combined. usually leaving me in bed for a solid 10+ hours after and even after that still not FULLY cooperating with the rest of the world. Dominic and I go to all boys/all girls schools. (he goes to the all boys i go to the all girls if you didn’t pick that up…) and it was the all boys school’s turn for prom this past Saturday and it was a blast! I got my dress a week before and it didn’t come in until 3 days before…i didn’t pick it up until a day before and it didn’t get done being altered until the day of…..BUT i got it, no worries. (also, this sort of last minute dress thing is soo not abnormal for me) it looked great and was so comfy, PLUS i found out mid pictures that it had pockets and i’m not sure if any feeling could be better.


Dominic was a great date per usual (i know he’s reading this so..thanks dude) and we color coordinated pretty darn well I must say.





is it even a blog life post without mentioning her? yeah the bff was forced to nicely came over and took some pics with me! thanks andrea u da bomb

well that was prom! hope you enjoyed takin a sneak peek of mine, hope yours are just as lovely!

xoxo, Allison

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.33.00 AM

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