Eggcelent Milkshake

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take a quick second and ask me how I feel about ice cream. answer? very very passionately. and you all know how I feel about holidays and any cute things related to them…(also, very passionately.) Put them together and I actually cannot stay away. So when I stumbled across the Easter section at Target (Ally in the holiday section at Target? Who woulda guessed…) I couldn’t help but pick up a few things for my siblings and I. Then finding myself on an Easter tab on Pinterest (again, is any of this even slightly shocking…?) I found this. Robin’s Egg Milkshakes. I was sold. 1) if this is not your favorite Easter candy who are you???? 2) milkshakes.

So here you are:
4 Cups of Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream

1/2 that amount of scoops worth of milk (example: 4 cups of ice cream, 2 cups of milk)

**add more milk if you want it less thick**

2 Tablespoons of Malt Powder

Ice to your liking

A Handful of Robin’s Eggs

Blend all of these together until it is a milkshake consistency. For fun decorations I crushed up robins eggs in a baggie with a spoon, added some whipped cream, and a few sprinkles but you can top it however you please!





Happy Easter to all of you, I hope you enjoy this sweet treat and all of the many others you’ll devour this weekend!

xoxo, Allison

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