Love List 2.0

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Happy Thursday friends! (or Wednesday night if you’re a trooper like me and reading this when it’s posted at about 10:30 pm) I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it a thousand more: Junior year is everything it is talked up to be stress wise. Past juniors, i honor you. Future juniors, brace yourselves. Finding the time to blog in between insaneness is always a challenge but the time I do get to spend rocks. So here’s to Easter Break and lots of posts for you lovelies! For today, a quick 2.0 of the things I’m lovin’, because my first got so many good, happy comments! Yay! 🙂

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Stella McCartney does sneakers and Stella McCartney does them well. I’m IN LOVE with the color scheme and pop of florals for spring. Check out these hip kicks here!

This necklace may be made for little gals but it is right up my alley! These pink fringe flowers are so stinking cute!

I’ve never heard of Leif brand until I stumbled across this beauty of a necklace (or bracelet depending on how you style it) on Pinterest but THOSE TASSELS MAN. This girl loves her some tassels so obviously I’m all over this. Also these colors together are absolutely brilliant.

Again with the CrewCuts but I’ll never be too old for the little girls section of stores. I’ll also never be too old for friendship bracelets which is why I ADORE this one with a little sparkle added for some fun!

This Leif brand kept getting better and better as I looked on because CONFETTI BALLOON KIT? sign me up. honestly. no words for this one but: yes.

Hope you enjoyed some of my current finds and faves! Let me know what you’re loving!

xoxo, Allison

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