{monday magic}

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Happy Monday to you all!

I thought I would cheer you all (and myself, it’s been a long day) up with some of the things I’ve been loving right now. Because nothing gets me moving and working like some “Pin-spiration” so i decided what more fun than to cheer you up EVERY Monday with some links i’ve been loving for the week. Mondays are my busiest day during school and least busy after so as my mental sanity break for your enjoyment, here is to the first ever “Monday Magic” post with all of my current faves!! Just click the title of the fav to be sent to the link! Hope you are as excited as I am! So here you go friends!

{these cinnamon rolls} okay if waffles aren’t your favorite breakfast food i don’t trust you, and if cinnamon rolls pressed to waffle form aren’t even better go see a doctor. these look absolutely heavenly and i can’t wait to have them for breakfast soon!

{Lennon & Maisy} if you weren’t already obsessed with these two cuties you need to be. check out their latest cover I’m utterly obsessed with.

{this chick} so if it wasn’t very clear, i love reading blogs as much as i love writing and i LOVE this girl. Jenna runs “She’s Just Smitten” and it’s honestly the cutest and most relatable thing i’ve ever read. she combines her fun fashion, finds, and words with you in a sassy, sweet and honest way and i adore her writing, so give a blog girl some credit and check her out!

{hot chocolate toppings} so if you’re like me and are just as hooked on some liquid chocolate as you are coffee then this is for you. this link shows you how to create frozen whipped cream dollops you can just stick on your mug whenever you please! i think these would also be just delicious on top of smoothies come summer! for sure gonna try soon!

{sparkles and lots of them} THIS GIRL. ohmyword I’m in love with her Esty shop. KaitlinKendallDesigns is a crafty queen who makes everything from glitter key fobs to pencils to hair ties to Blair Waldorf signs and i want absolutely everything. check it out if you’re still in need of a bestie Valentine’s day gift!

hope you love these links as much as I do and hope you have a happy happy rest of your Monday!

xoxo, Allison

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