quick catchup {cupcakes, formal, and life}

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wow, hey friends. it seems like forever since i’ve uploaded a blog post. which sometimes is can be a good thing, considering i’ve had plenty of time to enjoy the real life (i know, there’s a life outside of Pinterest) and spend time with my family and friends instead of worrying about when posts are going up or getting the lighting great on my food when out to eat (okay still guilty of that one) to catch up, here’s what’s been going on in the life of Allison.

{Winter Formal}

being on student board at my school, winter formal has usually meant more of ticket selling and decoration set up than it has dancing for me but this year turned out pretty great. we had a hollywood theme set up complete with a red carpet photo-op and everything. (not to be bias on the decorations set up side of things but it turned out pretty snazzy) I was a little late on asking Dominic to the dance itself and decided to take advantage of it and turn it into a cute, and very tasty formal proposal.

many happy thanks to Mockingbird Cupcakes in Omaha for the lovely treats. Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 5.13.05 PM

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(raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by junior year…)

if you have yet to endure the adventure that is junior year of high school, brace yourself. and i mean that in the best way possible, trust me. it has its ups and downs. if you’re anything like me you’ll spend nights cramming for tests and quizzes, working on endless projects and balancing it all with other activities and also trying to keep yourself sane. throw in wow i probably should get actually decent amounts of sleep and also remember to take time to pet your dog and you’ve got yourself a pretty jam-packed day. (or life.)

i’ll admit its scary and stressful and HARD. everyone can admit that. but admitting it is hard makes it ten times easier. once you’re able to realize you have obstacles its a lot more motivating to work hard and overcome them. so take your time, take a breath, get some sleep, and don’t forget that even though school can be rougher than rough, you shouldn’t forget to make it a wee bit fun. so eat a cupcake after school, listen to music during your studying, or sit down and just write, anything that clears your head will help you stay focused, and extra sparkly 😉

off to work on yet another week filled to the brim with tests, quizzes and dance. hope you enjoyed this quick catch up and can’t wait to talk to you all again soon. don’t forget: breathe. you’ll make it

xoxo, allison

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