a little bit more about me

FIRST QUICK LITTLE SIDE NOTE: my sister got a camera for Christmas and we have both been adoring doing some quick little photo shoots, so i am so so excited and CAN’T wait because a really neato fashion post is in the works that I hope you’ll all LOVE! email me any feedback friends! xoxo!


so after having this blog for a few months i’ve realized i’ve never really laid down the actual facts about myself for those of you reading who don’t know me on a personal level. So i figured Saturday morning in my bed in my pajamas would be the perfect time and place to do so.

Here’s the facts behind the blog girl:

1. i’m a junior at an all girls high school

2. i love love love dancing and have since i was 3 years old

3. i compete with my school’s speech team and have obtained a love and a lot of respect for J. Crew suits

4. i have an obsession for sushi (particularly anything with salmon *heart eyes emoji*)

5. there are wayyyy too many button ups filling my closet (but I’m really alright with it)

6. rain boots are my shoe of choice, rain or shine

7. i LOVE to write.

8. alone time is my favorite time but I’m not very good entertaining myself (gossip girl and popcorn it is)

9. breakfast food is the best thing in the entire world: eggs, pancakes, waffles; you name it i want it

10. i am in love with the lake and get to be a lake baby every summer with my forever and first best friend Taylor and it rocks so so much

**onto the wierder (more fun) facts**

*i have a polaroid and taking pictures with it is my favorite way to take pictures

*i have an Instagram obsessed (really.)

*I’m not very great at cooking but i rock at baking when i want to

*i’m a sucker for flowers, white roses and peonies are my favorite with pink and yellow tulips in a close second

*i like to think of myself as super organized but i’m just not, don’t be fooled by the pretty school supplies

*i have 37 Pinterest boards an over 13 thousand pins, ha ha ha. what addiction? (don’t they like pay you to pin at one point? that really needs to be my case)

*i once had a pair of sperrys from 6th grade-freshman year and my mom snuck them and threw them away because they were SO worn out and i cried for hours

*i LOVE letter writing and having pen pal friends, hit me up via email or instagram if you wanna be pen pals!

*my Keurig is my best friend, along with vanilla latte k-cups Laura got me hooked on

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 8.14.08 AM

well trust me there are plenty more where that came from but that’s all my sleepy mind can think up before coffee! ready for an exciting day of fun, it’s the weekend! have fun!

xoxo, ally





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