kinda sorta sisters | being a bestie

*let me tell ya about my best friend*

so I tried starting off this post by Pinterest searching “best friend quotes” and realized that just wasn’t going to do

if any of you even semi know Andie and I, you know our relationship is nothing close to the cheesy quotes you can google


it’s a little different than that

so I felt I would share with you what it’s like to have such a stellar sister of a best friend–minus the cheesy quotes–

Andie and I met our freshman year (now juniors) and to say we were friends from the start doesn’t ring true

we sat by each other in biology that first year in high school and- i was. terrified. of her. couldn’t really tell you why, she wasn’t mean nor scary, but the intimidation was there

skip two years and here we are, she’s practically the big sister i’ve always wanted.

I can’t quite describe what happened but I’m pretty freaking excited whatever it is did

Here are a few of our favorite things; for you to read about, smile about, and share with your bestie too

sushi dates// Andie works at Blue Sushi (the place i mentioned on my birthday post that is vveerryy worth trying). Not ashamed to admit we can devour a family of four’s worth of sushi in about ten minutes. It’s been one of our go-to foods for awhile and has sort of turned into a mini unsaid tradition I look forward to and I’m not 100% sure if it’s because of Andie or the sushi (Andie if you’re reading this i swear it’s because of you, if not its because of the sushi)


school night spendies// these things are sanity savers let me tell you. nothing can be a relief to school stress quite like sitting with your best friend doing absolutely nothing. (ha ha what homework?) these are highly encouraged mid-week and often include me cuddling with her dogs and Andie on her phone but whatever works (she’s somewhat caring sometimes I swear)

Pinterest//alright I take full blame for getting her hooked (although I’m ten times more obsessed) but we’ve started to use Pinterest messaging to our advantage and it’s highly addictive. Why text cute pictures of puppies and gorgeous celebrities when you can send them via Pinterest…? We have few secret boards up our sleeves filled with life goals and, yes, a few of those cheesy best friend quotes

Being Ally and Andie// allison and andrea. nothin’ is quite like just being yourself and doing that with a friend is ten billion times as amazing. honestly andie knows me inside and out and i’ve gotten to the point where i have HER school schedule memorized better than mine. we laugh about the utmost silliest things and having someone to turn to when everyone else in the world seems against me is a crazy cool feeling. i wouldn’t want anyone else to make fun of me for being a Pinterest addict or support my love of monograms and i can’t wait for many more memories to come-okay that was so cheesy we could almost make it a Pinterest quote


fighting like a married couple is our specialty


my own personal chauffeur (to sushi dates of course)


and best of all my biggest fan

(and I’m hers, i can’t believe my KU born self would ever be saying, Go Mizzou!)

(andie was also the one who supported me originally in starting this blog, told you she rocks)

so this is my bestie and she’s pretty fabulous

go hug your best friend, shoot them a text, and let them know they’re pretty fab too

xoxo, Allison

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