sunday thoughts | a week of work

This week has been crazy, over the top, jammed packed busy for me and I get the vibe it has been for just about everyone else too. So here we are friends, Sunday, we made it.

Here is a quick synopsis of anything important that happened in my week for all you living vicariously through this blog:

Seven tests/quizzes. seven. I kid you not, my friends. That right there was my main mountain to climb this week and I reached the top without going insane (or too insane, I will admit my sanity was a little off) , so claps for me. 

State Volleyball!!!!!! If you read my bio you know that my bestie, Andie, is a stud and on the varsity volleyball team. Watching her play is too fun and I like to think I’m pretty close to a volleyball mom at this point. If I wasn’t cheering at the game itself I was waiting for every live tweet and biting my fingernails in bed on my phone. Low and behold, we took state and I couldn’t be more proud of Andie and the rest of the team!!


(don’t be too fooled over her excitement, currently watching her be a state champ napper while we’re SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING ON A PROJECT WAKE UP.)

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Muffins// okay guys. these are great. too great. I found a recipe on Pinterest while I was putting off studying for those seven tests and they turned out amazing. I will try to make a post later this week with the recipe and how I changed it a bit but they were honestly, so. good.


(hecka proud of these, excuse the muffin selfie shadow)

Starbucks oatmeal// haha okay, you’re probably thinking, “really Ally, Starbucks, again?” and I am replying, “yes. always.” I haven’t had this lately but have been craving it like crazy. Next time you’re in the need of breakfast on the go PLEASE go try Starbucks oatmeal. I’m usually not an oatmeal fan unless its coated in sprinkles but this stuff is really good. I like the fresh blueberry one but they have a dried berries and nuts one as well. Under $3 and absolutely amazing.

Well there you have it. A week of craziness and apparently November is already half way over?! No complaints here though, nothing is standing in the way of me and Thanksgiving now. Turkey Day come at me.

Hope your next week is a little less stressful but just as filled with smiles!

xoxo, Allison


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