18 lessons from 2018

So here is my annual start of the year post in which I spill little tidbits of things I learned over this past year and boy oh boy was it over the top with lessons learned. I want to keep this post short and simple because I hope to do a post elaborating on each individually later throughout the year. So without any fancy intro, here are 18 things I learned this past year:

ONE: Change is inevitable, however it’s a lot easier to embrace it than try to fight it.

TWO: You are a product of your own choices. Big & little, your choices are what make up who you are. However, you are not responsible for other’s choices, don’t give yourself blame where it’s not yours.

THREE: There will ALWAYS be someone that disagrees with you or is certain your way is wrong. This is okay and doesn’t mean you need to change for them.

FOUR: Even on your worst days where you want nobody, you need your friends. Starbucks runs, movie nights, just laying in their room, they love ya for a reason!

FIVE: Even though #3 is all true and valid, you will also be wrong sometimes. This is where the importance of having a growth mindset opposed to fixed comes in handy. (if you haven’t heard of these terms, Google them ASAP. I have used them in my leadership / personal development since high school and now even use them in the elementary classrooms I work in, they’ll change your mindset!)

SIX: Drink. more. water.

SEVEN: Some times you literally aren’t going to ever use things you do in school or things you have to memorize absolutely ever again. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try on them.

EIGHT: There should always be time for things you love doing.

NINE: Gratitude is free and endlessly rewarding

TEN: You get back what you put in. Applies to relationships, your bank account (oops), school work, anything that includes a reward requires effort on your part as well

ELEVEN: You can never know exactly how someone feels in any given situation.  Never expect someone is feeling and thinking exactly like you, because they aren’t.

TWELVE: Be your own #1 fan!!!

THIRTEEN: Never do work just for the gold star. Apply for things, work for things, do things because you love them and they are meaningful for you. Doing things for your own satisfaction will always be more fulfilling than for approval of others.

FOURTEEN: Your dreams should always be bigger than you think you can accomplish. Dreams and goals are two different concepts. Set yourself goals to make your dreams reality.

FIFTEEN: Sleeping in is good for you when your body needs it. On days you don’t have anywhere to be, let yourself get the rest.

SIXTEEN: Sometimes the scariest things to do, words to say, or decisions to make will be the ones that have the best impact on your life. Do them with faith.

SEVENTEEN: Trust your gut and that lil feeling and voice inside you. They’re right about just about everything.

EIGHTEEN: Being kind & standing up for who / what you believe in will always be the golden rule. You can only complain about who / what you haven’y tried to fix. People depend on people, so don’t let yours down!

That’s all for this post friends! Stick around for posts coming up soon! Until next time!

xoxo, Ally

St. Louis Recap pt. 2

Hey friends! I am back with another set of pictures mainly of food from Brenna & I’s trip to STL a little over a week ago! Pretty sure I left you off last time after our amazing brunch at The Boathouse in Forest Park, butttttt we basically went back and took a nice nap before the rest of the night’s festivities. We woke up (by we I mean I) craving ice cream. After a quick Instagram/Apple Maps search I stumbled upon a place I decided we HAD to check out. It was called The Baked Bear and basically it’s the only dessert I ever want for the rest of my life.


It’s famous for their ice cream sandwiches, but Brenna and I decided to really go all out and get half brownie, half pumpkin spice cookie, with espresso ice cream, rolled in sprinkles, and hot pressed. Zero regrets on that one. Wow.

After heading back from our ice cream coma we got ready for Hoodie and had full intentions of heading to a math themed pizza place (Brenna’s dream I think.) However, it was the opposite direction of the venue and Brenna found a little Middle Eastern spot right across the street. We were seriously so impressed and both actually ended up agreeing that although last minute, it was easily our favorite food we ate all trip.


Next up was the concert at 7 and I have zero words to describe how much fun it is to see Hoodie in person. We got to meet him and he even is making a vlog appearance coming soon! Brenna and I always manage to end up laughing with every adventure we go on and this one was no exception, especially when he decided to play a Shawn Mendes song (Brenna’s favorite) and it was the perfect mix of two of our favorite things!


The next day we were en route for Lawrence again but spent a slow morning getting breakfast, grabbing tea from the cutest spot, and making a quick arch pitstop because, well, when in STL I suppose.


The trip was SO much fun and I wish we could go on mini vacations every single weekend! Hope you enjoyed stepping into our trip with us!

Until next time (& until this summer STL), xoxo, Ally


St. Louis Weekend Recap pt. 1

This past weekend Brenna and I casually decided we were gonna take a little mid-semester *vacation just for the heck of it. (*vacation: we got tickets to Hoodie Allen and decided to peace out of Lawrence for the entire weekend solely to eat some good food leading up to our concert.) I’ve decided to break it up into 2 different posts just because there are too many good food snaps for one blog post to handle!

Friday we left a rainy and cold Lawrence early afternoon and got on the road with a mission to make it to the BAR K, a newer bar / foodie stop that DOUBLES as a dog park as well. We were honestly amazed with the entire concept and sadly it was pretty gross outside, but that didn’t stop us from hanging out with the pups for quite some time outside. We ate inside due to the weather but the food made up for that. Brenna got a tuna salad and I got white chicken chili (one of my FAVORITE fall meals) and both were AMAZING!


However before we even made the dog / food pitstop, I convinced us to head over to a convention center in KC for the Holiday Mart going on that weekend. We spent probably too long sampling foods and looking at different toys and winter decor. The endless Christmas music and shopping was exactly how I wanted to start off the weekend! AND! Before we even got out of the car Brenna got a call that she got accepted for an internship this summer IN STL! How ironic and fitting for the weekend!!! My only wish for the holiday mart is that the lighting was sliiiiightly better….#justbloggerprobs


We ended up getting into STL around 8pm and after being in the car all day we decided we wanted to just get to her brother’s apartment and eat instead of going out. After making a quick Trader Joe’s run, we cooked up some pappardelle with TJ’s vodka marinara (the BEST), and some veggies and called it an early night.


Saturday morning we made some pumpkin pancakes for breakfast that we ALSO got from Trader Joe’s. Honestly, Trader Joe’s favorites post coming soon. We then headed out to Forest Park and walked around. It was the absolute most gorgeous day outside and just being able to be outside in that kind of weather was amazing. We found this place called The Boat House to grab a late lunch at and I’m so glad we found it because it was the most perfect place to just be outdoors. It was right up to the water in the park. (I actually got to feed ducks!!!) There was also live music and not to mention the BEST huevos rancheros I think either of us have ever eaten.


Up next is more info on our ~actual concert~ and our little morning adventure before heading back to school! Part 2 coming soon!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally