January Recap

Okay so I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s the first day of my FAVORITE month of the year, the fact the polar vortex is over and I currently have my bedroom WINDOW OPEN (!!!!), or the fact that I just tried on my new order of J.Crew denim and they look dang good but ya girl is in the best mood to sit down and recap January for you all!

I saw it all over social media and I agree completely, January was an entire year within itself! KU didn’t go back until the 22nd, and literally the past two weeks of school have somehow felt like an entire semester to me! I am in my third semester in the School of Education, which means I get the pleasure of only having T/Th classes, but 7 straight hours of them nonetheless. We are all anxious to get our classroom placements for practicum this upcoming semester in 3rd-5th grade, I’ll make sure to keep you updated! (Speaking of that, do I have any other Elementary Ed majors that would like me to do posts dedicated to questions or school topics?! I’m a major nerd about it, but if anyone is interested I’d love to!)

In addition to school, I have spent a good amount of the time back at the Union in the Panhellenic office. I’m not sure if the news was ever even shared on here, but I was elected President of Panhellenic for KU in October, and am ecstatic to hold the position after getting to do PR for Panhellenic last semester and absolutely falling in love with the community at KU and having yet another thing to put my energy into!

I did a little cabin fever cleaning during the insane cold the past few weeks and finally got around to hanging my beautiful prints from The Type Setter!  She let me choose the cutest four prints to display in my room at Alpha Chi and the navy and pink one’s I found were absolutely perfect. Like do we SEE that gingham?! *heart eyes here*

Lastly, I’ve been drinking..ALL the coffee. It’s been too dang cold for my iced coffee love, so i’ve been having to get creative in the latte department. We also got oat milk at AXO here and I am PUMPED. I wish so badly for the health benefits I liked almond milk but I just absolutely hate it and refuse to drink coffee if it’s in there. However, I am in love with oat milk and will add it to everything. I wanna find some new fun coffee shops to visit on KC dates as well so send them my way! Current favorite is Made In KC’s cereal milk lattes….wow!

Also! I’m selling so so much on my Poshmark page! @allykmiecik ! Comment on any item you have your eyes on that you found my page from my blog and I’ll discount it for you!! Anything for my readers 😉

Well, that’s all for January! Until next time, and onto Valentine’s Day!

xoxo, Ally

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