Christmas Wishlist 2018

It’s post Thanksgiving break so that means it’s *finally* socially acceptable for me to start posting Christmas content…right? Right. I have plans for gift guide to come, and a post on how my roommate and I decked out our room in the sorority house for Christmas, but until then I’ve rounded up a few of my own wished for items for Christmas this year. As I’ve gotten older it always seems harder to pick out things I want that I can get daily use out of.

Evelyn Henson Prints /// J. Crew Slippers /// Hoodie Allen Crewneck /// Outdoor Voices Shorts ///  Monogrammed Locket ///  Dry Bar Clips 

Evelyn Henson Print: The second I saw she came out with an “Omaha” version I knew I needed to get my hands on one. I am in LOVE with the NYC one as well. Maybe matching mugs for both as well? hehe.

Monogrammed Locket: This is currently UNDER $50 from Kate Spade and I am obsessed with how classic and elegant it is. One of the very first Christmas gifts I ever remember requesting as a little kid was a locket, so finding a more grown up version felt so fitting and quite nostalgic.

Dry Bar Clips: Okay. So I have MAYBE the thickest hair in the world and it’s usually pretty unruly so styling it at all rarely happens usually because its such a hassle to get all of it done. These bad boys would come in handy way too often. Plus my obsession with DryBar ever since my experience in NY is beyond real. I truly wish there was a location close enough for me to just ask for that for Christmas!!! 

Hoodie Allen Sweatshirt: It’s no secret Hoodie is one of my all time favorite artists after my 4 hour trip solely to see him perform live for the second time. I’m not usually one for artist merch but I have a HUGE soft spot for this comfy sweatshirt, large for snuggling in please! 😉

J.Crew Slippers: So I REALLY want a short pair of Uggs solely to keep my feet warm walking to class, but don’t want to wear them around the house if I’m gonna be wearing them outside. That’s why I have my eye on these navy slippers (duh.) How I’ve gone so long without owning them is beyond me.

Outdoor Voices Shorts: So the second I saw these I had to have them. I mean. Fleece. Shorts. C’mon. Wow. I am a HUGE OV supporter since Sammy from Preptista started working with them and ordered a pair of their leggings, but think these are my new favorite product of theirs.

I won’t lie…my #1 wanted item is this new invention from Shark Tank I found called “The Comfy.” Google it and TRY telling me you don’t know want one too. & they come in pink??? Sign. Me. Up. 

Let me know what YOU’RE wishing for in the comments! Until next time!

Xoxo, Ally


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