things I’ve learned + loved lately

Alright alright alright, so once again it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything on the blog, but once again, I’m a teenage gal (for one more year!!!!!) and have been B-U-S-Y and then some! Normally, I feel super accomplished and like I am getting a lot of dreams chased when I am consistently posting on the blog, but I have been putting some final touches on some soul searching and growing from personal events earlier this year and *aggressively knocks on wood* I have to say I am feeling the happiest and most fulfilled with life that I have in a long long time. & I LOVE it.

Needless to say, blogging and writing is still a huge hobby and dream of mine, but I’ve been just so non-stop in between working, babysitting kiddos almost every day, meeting up with friends from home, leading my small group, and planning things for this upcoming year, that finding a time to sit down and type while still getting a decent amount of sleep most nights is nearly impossible. However, I finally found a quick minute of some quiet time and might be sacrificing a bit of sleep tonight, but I’ve learned quite a few tidbits, some important, some not, that I thought I’d share. along with some things I’ve simply been loving. ya know, the usual routine around here. &&&&& here we go:

LEARNED:  My siblings are like, cool? Weird and unheard of, I know. Being the oldest, my siblings always kinda seemed like the younger kids I was stuck babysitting when my parents went out or the ones who stole my clothes. (okay, ones who *present tense* steal my clothes) But I have absolutely adored spending time with them this summer. Now 15, 13, and 11. They all have quite the differing, but equally entertaining, personalities that make them each so fun. Emmy is your average 15 year old girl that I always seem to be driving somewhere. So, I don’t mind that our bonding time is spent to her teaching me the new and hip songs on her Spotify and her complaining about my old and not always functioning aux cord. Maddy is the precious 13 year old that cried on her birthday because she couldn’t stand the thought of being an “annoying teenager” and I LOVE watching her grow up and use her kind heart. Ricky is 11 and the baby boy of the family and we love him all to pieces, even though we snuggle him probably far more than he prefers. I love them all so stinkin’ much and am so glad to have this time at home with them. They’ll deny it but they’re totally gonna miss me again once I head back down to Kansas. But I’m also totally gonna deny I ever said they were cool online so I guess we’re even. IMG_0082.JPG

LOVED: “No one who bears a crown in heaven did not bear their cross on earth.” I saw this quote in one of my devotionals the other day and it has stuck with me all week. It’s just SUCH a good reminder to hold close to our hearts. Knowing that we are constantly working towards a reward in heaven is something to never let out of your mind while making big decisions, or small every day ones. Reading my devotionals in general has been a love of mine. Starting (if I really motivate myself to be an early bird) or ending the day with God’s word is the best soul refresher.

LOVED: Coneflower Ice Creamery!!!! I self-proclaim myself to have 0 ounce of a sweet tooth, but I will admit, I am a darn sucker for ice cream. After my mom falling in love with it and raving about it, I was intrigued. After I Yelped it and saw the cute interior and vibe, I knew I had to go. It! Is! Amazing! People! I have ventured and tried flavors like white chocolate basil and blueberry cheesecake, but my go-to classic order is a double scoop (one toasted coconut and one coffee) in a to-die-for homemade waffle cone! Can’t rage enough about this cute little farm-to-cone place. If you’re ever in the Omaha area, be sure to make a stop!IMG_9962.JPGIMG_9961.JPG

LEARNED: growth is so, stinkin’, essential. so is change. big time. Do not be afraid to let go of morals or beliefs you once had that no longer apply to who you are. You were not meant to stay the same forever. Allow yourself to grow and experience so many things.

LOVED: My birthday!!! June 25th I turned 19 years old (eek!) Let me tell ya, it was such a good day. I got brunch with my best friend Rachel (pictured eating ice cream with my at Coneflower above, can you tell we bond over food?) to start the day and snagged the BEST crab cakes (and a few bites of her avo toast.) We then hit up the farmer’s market for some popsicles and lemonade. Shopping was obviously in order (and because when you’re nineteen your parents sort of run out of ideas for gifts) and I picked up a new, and very needed, pair of sneaks! I didn’t realize how old and beat up my old ones were until I headed out on my first run wearing the new pair and noticed the difference!!! My mom made my FAVORITE caprese salad for dinner, along with kabobs and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms (drooling.) Lastly, a berry chantilly cake from Whole Foods was in order and all the little neighbor girlies that I love happened to stop by just in time for happy birthday! I’ll insert some too many pictures below from the big day!













LEARNED (KNEW): leftover birthday cake for breakfast is ALWAYS a good idea.


Alrighty, that’s it for my little recap! Hope you enjoyed and catch ya on here again soon because I am shooting outfits and meeting up with such a little cutie tonight! Updates to come super duper quick!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


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