March mindful musings

Maybe it is because I am in college now and am more or less learning things that I somewhat enjoy ( I’m not talking to you, physical geography or college algebra ), or at least are leading me in the direction of my future career. Or, maybe it’s just that life is fricken cool, but I am becoming more and more aware of things that I am learning every single day. I just finished up writing a reflection for one of my classes and it hit me how much I have changed since coming to college, and how much newfound knowledge I have within me. Whether it be the formation of sand dunes, or rules of friendship, they’ve all impacted my life big time. As someone who isn’t afraid to admit and has written a billion posts on how terrified of change I am, it was sort of satisfying to sit back and realize how much of the gradual but important change has impacted who I am without me even noticing it, and for the better! Crazy how things are less scary when we look back at doing them.


Now, I by no means have any claim to these lessons being things that will drastically increase the joy and emphasize all the good in your life, but they sure as heck have for me and they sure as heck might for you. After all, we’re all just human beans. So without further ado, I present you yet another list of my life ramblings in no particular oder:

-Everyone is at a different place in life, and everyone experiences different things at different points in their lives. Just because you’re going through a hard time doesn’t mean the people around you are too. Just because your friend declared their major last week doesn’t mean you are any lesser for still being undecided. Just because your younger sister seems to have more friends than you do doesn’t mean that you never will. Life is all about patience, and most of the time is just one big waiting game. Learn to be patient, the sooner the better. This all being said, trust the timing in your life, you’re exactly at the right spot kid, don’t sweat it.

-You are the only you, let that be your superpower.

-Keep faith that with every “no”, there is an even bigger “heck yes” right down the road.

-Dreaming big is great, but achieving big is even better. With a little hustle and a whole lot of heart, you can literally be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do. So why the heck aren’t you? Ask yourself that often, and adjust your motives and priorities accordingly.

-Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about. This can range from people in your life to that sweet new dance move that somehow looks way cooler when the professionals on Facebook videos do it…#guiltyobsessedwithfacebookvideos. But really, don’t give up. You’ll thank yourself later. & Sometimes people need that person to not give up on them, don’t we all?

-You never just “come across” an opportunity, they’re given to you for a reason. Take them.


-Friendships require constant energy, effort, time, and commitment. Find your people and love them well. Learn to be a friend that loves no matter what, and genuinely cares. Most of all, understand that your friends are human and have probably felt a lot of the same feelings you have.

-Be the kind of person you’d want to meet. Hold yourself to those standards.

-Get to know yourself. Have a for sure answer for ice breakers like “what’s your favorite color” or “what’s your favorite ice cream flavor!” God forbid you actually find an intriguing answer to an “interesting fact about yourself” prompt while you’re at it!

-Gosh dang. Appreciate your family. Eat dinner with them if you still live at home (I miss this the most.) Have sleepovers with your little sisters when you visit. Pay for their ice cream. Go to your little brother’s baseball games. Stop yourself from going through a phase where you’re ever angry at your parents, they love you more than you know and are always (annoyingly) right.

-drink. water. and then drink more. and then drink some more again later. trust me.

-You don’t have to do anything alone and asking for help is NOT giving up. Asking for help shows bravery that you want to get past whatever you’re fighting and too many battles go unfought when people don’t take this step.


-Little things do matter!!! So send a card to your friend!!! Bring them a snack!! Shoot them a text that you love them!! Seriously people, do little things with great love.

-God is a lot easier to talk to than absolutely everyone else.

-Forgiveness is a big ole superpower so learn to quickly accept the apologies you never will receive. Grudges aren’t worth anyone’s time. Stop wasting time being angry, it gets nobody anywhere ever.

-Do things every single day that make you happy. Find a routine in the morning and night time and make sure there are small things included that you enjoy doing. For me its my morning coffee and stretching and my nightly book reading and washing my face in my pajamas (the BEST feeling oh my!) When you give yourself these small consistent things to look forward to, the day starts and ends just a little bit sweeter.

So take what you will and add what you can with your own noggin & keep on learnin and livin

Until next time!

xoxo, Ally



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