links I’m lovin’ 2/24/17

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1// J.Crew ‘Do’s and Don’t’s Lists’ are always some of my favorites of the whole year! This time around is no exception.

2// super intrigued by this chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like & the secret ingredient in these is seriously so interesting! Must try!!!

3// spring break has been pretty rainy where I am from, which has also got me listening to way too much Frank Sinatra…don’t knock it ’till ya try it because I never thought I’d be into that kind of music but I am HOOKED!

4// I am OBSESSED with this Anthro top. It is screaming “wear me to a summer neighborhood BBQ” and I am not arguing 😉

5// My music taste has obviously been expanding this week…& this cover of “Stand By Me” has me in love with Florence + The Machine. Too dreamy.

6// I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for ruffles. (the food + the style!!!) Formal is sneaking up on me quicker than I’d like it too and I am sort of leaning towards ordering this dress from Altar’d State! Not sure on the bold color though…we shall see if I am willing to jump out of my comfort zone on this one!

7// If you are in need of a little mental retreat for yourself. Go see The Shack in theaters. I’m serious it is the best movie I have ever seen, like, ever. My grandma and I went yesterday and were seriously speechless after it finished. It covers SO MANY aspects of faith that you never even think about and the actors are perfect for each role. It touches on why tragedy occurs, forgiveness, relationships, and how hecka important it is to remember that every single thing that happens to you is in God’s plan and how naive we truly are to His power. Can’t say enough good things about it so you just need to go see it yourself!

8// I want EVERYTHING in Kate’s 25th “latest and greatest” post. everything.

9// I could watch this video for hours.

10// You’ll find me glued to the TV tomorrow night because my hawks are in the #eliteeight !!!!! Rock Chalk baby! REALLY hoping for a win while I attend the school and REALLY hoping I am not jinxing it right now…

until next time! TGIF!

xoxo, Ally



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