apple cider + cough medicine


happy Monday friends! October is my favorite month of the year (right next to my birth-month, June) but this year I wish it started off slightly different. I’ve had a nasty awful cough for about a week now but it has really started to pick up over the last couple days. I am the definition of a busy body and constantly need to be doing things, so telling myself to take a break is one of the hardest things for myself to do. Sadly it had to take a visit to the health center to get myself some real rest, but I am more than trilled to take some time off. I won’t lie I am real nervous about catching back up on school work, but a few doctor’s notes & some office hours won’t hurt anyone! For me it is off to my bed with plenty of cough drops, water, and some of the apple cider i picked up while getting some medicine at Target yesterday #hellofall!! I absolutely cannot wait to head back home on Friday and get some much needed family and bestie love from the 402.

Hope your October is starting off just the way it is supposed to! Pumpkin everything and a whole lotta love 🙂

until next time, xoxo, Ally



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