June 2016 // Favorites

The month of June has been absolutely a blast and has FLOWN by. My birthday is the 25th and so this whole month is usually just one big party countdown for me. I have been busy nannying during the weekdays and luckily the weather has blessed us with plenty of pool days to throw in the mix! Here is what i have been crushing on the majority of the month:


Alex&Ani // basically this is the only thing on my birthday wishlist. I seriously am obsessed with stalking all of the different bracelets and combos I’ve seen stylists put together and it’s seriously like grown-up trading cards to me and I am for sure sold.

Me Before You // so quick and tiny book nerd horendous confession, I saw the movie mid-way through finishing the book but in my defense I saw the ending coming anyways. However I still adored the movie and the book is absolutely beautiful as well. Seriously Jojo Moyes can do no wrong, I’ve read a few of her other writings and am head over heels. A fab poolside read that I have been stashing in my bag whenever we hit the pool!

Kendra Scott // okay so I last minute made Andie run back into Kenda back when we went to KC for the weekend because I absolutely couldn’t leave the city without purchasing these because I had peeked at them the day before and was in love. I solidified my purchasing promising myself that they would go with everything, which they do. Therefore I wear them, with literally everything. They seriously have done me nothing but fabulous things and get compliments literally every time. Now I’m addicted and want one of the brighter colors or maybe my college colors for game day….it’s dangerous at this point I think.

Wow Cookies // okay guys. hear me out. you need these. they are gluten free cookies from Target that are literally the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. My mom brought home the chocolate chip ones one evening after a grocery run and they were pretty good…however the next time we were at target I spotted this “Key Lime White Chocolate” flavor on sale and was intrigued. oh. my. goodness. you guys. they’re so good. like. SO good. I am linking their website here because you need to check them out ASAP. I am so obsessed and don’t even mind snacking on them during mu Young&Hungry Netflix marathons because they’re gf!!!!! score. such a huge score.

what gf find have you scored on?
until next time, xoxo, Ally


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