Proverbs on the porch

Today I had big plans to get home, run to turn in a job application (my third summer job #yikezo), and finish up my grad party thank-you’s. If you attended that fiesta, your card of graditiuty is coming I promise, but this afternoon called for a different agenda.

 My sister is going to be a freshman in high school next year and her very close pal Lauren (Lolo) has leukemia. This past week has been pretty rough for her and my parish is having a prayer service tonight to send her some good old-fashioned Jesus love. The absolute best kind there is of course. So I set the envelopes and address book aside and broke out a few of my devotional books and my Bible and made the trek (and by trek I mean about 6 steps if you’re speed walking) to my porch. I’m not quite sure why, it just felt right.

I’ve posted a few times about my faith life on here and considering this blog is about all aspects of my life, this is a major one and I love sharing about things that make me happy. & lemme tell ya, this stuff makes me happy.

 During the school year, when my schedule allows it, I love to attend a weekly prayer group with my pals after school on Wednesdays. Well it’s a Thursday, but I was missin it extra special today. So decided to have a little one on one time with my books on my own will. This has always been my thing. Reading has been my ish since I was a kid (I got the full “Molly” American Girl doll series for kindergarten graduation and sped through them) and Im a pretty big homebody so I don’t mind the quiet time either. My theology teacher this past year was neato enough to give us a handout that is titled “where to look in the bible” and lists multiple different scenarios such as “everything is going well”, “you seem too busy”, and today’s choice of “you are leaving home”. I leave out of state for college (ROCK CHALK) in August and the weird hey I may even miss folding towels for the family (actually I will, towel folding is like my all time favorite chore. It soothes the soul I swear.) kinda feeling that has driven me to really start thinking about college. (If you are wanting to do some verse venturing yourself, the suggested areas are Psalm 119 & Proverbs 3/4 

A few lines that really stuck out to me were:

“be not afraid of sudden fear” (such as: YIKEZ IM GOING TO COLLEGE HELLO REAL WORLD) 

“Do not withhold him from doing good” (if he wants ya to do crazy cool things, no matter how crazy they may seem, do them)

& my favorite “say not to your friend: go and come again” (because friends are still friends when they go to college)

I’m still not quite sure what I was going for here and usually never am, I guess I just want to encourage you all to take time for yourself and the stellar things Jesus has to say to you if you just look. A lot of people (myself included) stay away from Bible reading because they don’t know how. Honestly, no one does. Dive in. Become addicted. Open the book and just start reading, what you need to hear will be presented to you. If that still terrifies you, some of my favorite books that sort of “guide” you are God girl and Youcat. Both are #fab.
I LOVE you all, until next time, xoxo,



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