monday matra- you betta work

Mondays just aren’t a rough day for me, unlike many others I’m sure. The weekend is over but fresh starts are my ish and I’m one of those dorky kids who actually enjoys going to school every day. I saw this quote on Pinterest and it struck me a lot more than the really cute shoes or smoothie recipes I had been pinning just seconds before.Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.07.00 PM

Now lately I’ve sort of been in one of those “i don’t want to admit it but time is going by super quickly and I feel like I am just sitting here watching everyone have fun while I am working my booty off but what for?” kind of slumps. Don’t get me wrong: I have a vision and very clearly know what I want. I one day want to have my own domain name, I want to have a nice camera with daily fashion posts up on this blog, i want to be able to write about what I love style wise, but also how I love my friends and God and feel like that all still fits onto this place on the web. I want to have fun in college, meet new friends, and learn a whole lot. However, lately I have been forgetting that all of that takes time.

I am a HUGE worrier. Ask any of my friends, they’ve probably heard me worry and stress over the future, whether it be college or literally what I’m having for lunch that day. I forget to sit back & just be. It is my senior year and I am soaking up every minute of it. i am involved in so many activities within my school. I am on dance team, student board, the speech team, the newspaper staff, all along with blogging and working two jobs solely because I can’t stand not being busy. I’ve been that way my whole life, constantly have to be doing SOMETHING (yet I never seen to want to be doing my homework…ha.)

Lately I’ve found myself wanting the exact opposite though, less time of work and school related activities, and more time to just sit and be. which has made me find myself dreading working lately. I guess it’s just the side of me that has huge dreams and is impatient and realizes that those big dreams are NOT serving breakfast food (but if any of you want to come visit me let me know for real). But for now, that’s gotta do. So moral of this lil rant, work hard, but enjoy what you do, life moves pretty fast, so soak every little piece of it up.

until next time, xoxo, Ally


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