throwback flannels

On November 4 this year I marked blogging for an entire year. 365 days. holy guacamole. I didn’t celebrate in some huge way because I wasn’t sure how to really express my love of the fact that i’ve been doing what i love for a whole year besides continuing to do it…

these pictures are from when I first started blogging. like literally the week of. I hadn’t started my blog yet but knew i really wanted to, so messing around with my camera and a very “ally outfit” were the best way to express what i wanted to do at the time. now here I am a year later collabing with Sophia of “So Berry Something” to show you how I style flannels. Now I was going to pull out my favorite flannel (the one in these pictures actually) and show you how I would pair it with some of my rain boots but the flannel is currently in Andie’s closet from when she wore it for seniors pictures (can you please bring that back to me at school tomorrow for me thank ya andrea) so i decided what a better opportunity to show off these lovely pics than now.

but don’t get me wrong, I actually do really love this outfit. I’m an avid Yankees fan and my dad and brother brought me back that hat from spring training 2014 and it is seriously my favorite go-to navy hat, something i believe everyone needs to own one of. also my sperrys are my lifesavers and i wear them more than my rain boots (only because you can’t wear rain boots to school sadly…)





i added in a few snaps of my pup because look at that face!!!!! she’s my absolute favorite non-human.

here is a link to Sophia’s blog so you can check out how SHE style’s flannels!

until next time, xoxo, Ally


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