self praise


there’s something insanely special about being able to recognize the good in every situation. no matter how hard it may be, silver linings exist. there is always a rainbow after the storm and ALWAYS a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. It is easy for us to find the good in other people; within our parents, family, best friends, and peers. however it takes a special kind of skill to reflect and find the good within yourself. it is the biggest kind of accomplishment to realize that YOU are good, great, fantastic.

we are so quick to compliment others but struggle immensely to find a positive aspect about ourselves even though i firmly believe it is one of the most important things all humans must strive to do. how in the world can you be the best version of yourself, something we are called to do daily, if you don’t even know how to recognize your best?

senior year i have spent an immense amount of time reflecting on how I have grown and who I have become as a person. I’ve changed so much over the past few years and have grown into a young woman i’m very proud of, so i decided sharing those hard to admit positive qualities and things I am proud of would inspire you all to do the same. Here are a few I came up with that have really stuck out to me when thinking about myself and what I am proud of:

–my work ethic. my knowledge of getting things done that means turning off the Glee marathons and getting down to business even if it isn’t the most productive, it is the thought that counts–

–my compassion. my 6th “mom in a 17 year old’s body” sense that allows me to show love for people in big and small ways. my belief in the power of a good hug or a good morning in the halls and my belief in the power of a handwritten note or a ‘you did it!’ goodie bag–

–my sense of confidence that has grown immensely through my high school years. I’m proud of the girl I have become who is not afraid to stand by her morals and be herself even if that self means rain boots when it is sunny and pigtail braids on a daily basis–

So i did a little self-research project and texted a few of the gals who mean the most to me and have impacted my life in the best way to share what THEY were proud of in regards to me or something that made me me that they admired.  the results were the cutest things to read:

“Ally’s terrifying-ly good ability to come up with puns and other catchy phrases is unlike anyone I have ever met. Also I’ve never met someone who is able to balance 628317 activities and commitments and still be happy through it all. Ally never fails to make me laugh and always seems to have her life together. Basically, she’s my spirit animal. I’m proud of all her accomplishments and can’t wait to see her become a famous fashion blogger in NYC one day. Also there is no one else i would rather have by my side keeping me in line during college! Rock Chalk” -Rachel my since 7th grade dancey buddy and now turned high school and soon to be college forever friend

“When people say opposite personalities attract, I have to come to a conclusion that ally k’s personality is one of a kind. I honestly cannot think of anyone who doesn’t adore or look up to the sparkly, spunky, pajama set wearing gal that is akn” – my rock chalking buddy Emma who is the sweetest girl alive i’m convinced 

“I really admire how you can be two contradictory things at once but still work it like it is nobody’s business. You are really chill and go with the flow, but you also take charge and start to push things along if they get too chill. You are also the kind of friend that wouldn’t drive to give someone a Reese’s at 1 in the afternoon but you will also 100% volunteer to stay up for hours at night and win a speech tournament the next day and still be disappointed you couldn’t do impromptu. you’re dedicated but not overbearing. It’s a good balance of everything. you don’t have too much sugar or too much spice, you just have a perfect amount of all things nice. also i love you.” -Shannon my little sister I’ve adopted at school and love more than life itself.

“I’m proud of you because you never fail to be shamelessly YOU, spreading sparkles and sass wherever you go, regardless of anyone’s opinion. You also have a very impressive collection of bot rain boots and vests that I would die for!” – Rachel my little speech baby that I adore with all of my heart

these girls showed me how important it is to tell yourself: YOU MEAN SOMETHING. NO MATTER HOW BAD YOUR DAY IS, SOMEONE LOVES YOU FOR BEING YOU. which is something i think all of us need to remember.

so i challenge you, text a friend or two or five and ask them why they love you and remind them why you love them back. it makes a world of a difference when you know you’re loved by others AND yourself.

love love LOVE, xoxo, Ally

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