friday finds 10/30/15

friday finds being a dancer i have a love for watching others dance and seeing how they are able to express themselves brings me so much joy. This video of Kyle Hanagami’s choreography to Macklemore’s “Downtown” is seriously to die for. I’ve watched it religiously and am still in love.

2. I am the biggest scaredy cat you could ever meet so this post on how to NOT celebrate Halloween on Halloween is super relevant to my spooky situation, and totally genius!

3. Pumpkin Spice Blondies, Carly you just understand me in every way.

4. must have shoes for fall list has been on my mind while picking my kicks this season…all of these basics with a twist are too fun!

5. Halloween is tomorrow and the goodies WILL be too good to pass up, so keep in mind Lauren Conrad’s Nutritionist-Approved Stay Fit for Halloween post!

6. have you seen my super exciting post on instagram? if not make sure to check out @xoxoallisonnicole for the surprise!

7. Maybe it’s the leather patches or maybe it is just the fact that I’m in love with Carly, but this outfit post with the leather sweater makes my heart swoon!

8. i adore braids. I think they’re such a fun texture to add to any hairstyle. this zig-zag braid is totally out there and fun and i can’t wait to try it on a buddy!

9. So i’m a hardcore LUSH fan and when I found out this product existed I squealed. It’s called Fairy Dust and is literally an illuminating pink dust that you can put over your whole body every morning…magical right? I NEED to go pick some up asap because I can’t think of a better way to start your morning!

10. flashback to #6 because I can’t contain my excitement! I am leaving for NYC on December 24th with my best friend and am jumping for joy excited about it! If any of you out there are from the city or have any scoop or where to go/what to do, comment here or email me at !!

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and have fun!

xoxo, Ally


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