write on


it is national writing day and my inner nerd is having a dance party right now let me tell ya.

I cannot express my love for words. there is something about being able to physically see your emotions in words that makes my heart ever so happy. whether it be my fond love of handwritten notes and cards, my short novels via instagram captions, or my favorite blog posts, writing has spoken to me in ways i (ironically) can’t put into words. i have found myself through writing and ill never be the same. I have gained immense amounts of confidence by being able to write things rather than say them out loud. words spill onto my keyboard so easily after a long day and it is the best adrenaline rush to vomit out my favorite words like “love” “ruffles” “sparkle” “coffee” “happiness” and “passion” onto paper. that’s what the quote above says and i fully preach that message. if writing is something you love with a passion and it makes your heart happy…write. write to-do lists, write the names of people who make you smile, write things you’re thankful for, write wish lists, write goals for yourself, heck, write goals for the world. share your story.

share your story and write it down. everyone’s life is worth reading. not all chapters have to be read out loud, but everyone has a right to words, and everyone should feel overjoyed by expressing themselves. so get out there, do you, love yourself and others, and write it down. Happy National Writing Day my loves!

xoxo, Ally


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