back to school must haves

while you’re reading this I’ll most likely be tanning on a boat or face planting after a water skiing downfall (let’s hope it is the first one), God bless for prescheduled posts! With school sadly approaching, I’ve prepared a post on the school things you need. But attending a Catholic school my whole life the whole “express yourself with your uniform” has been slightly limited. So I pulled together a few necessities that you can still express yourself with!


Agenda// okay I seriously swear by using mine and by the end of the year it ends up almost being a diary of my life and everything I’ve accomplished (and all the essays I’ve written) through the year. I have and love my Lilly one, but Kate Spade and Erin Condren also offer simply fantastic ones as well!

monogrammed stickers// you can order so many varieties just by typing monogrammed stickers into Etsy and they’re my ultimate favorites for customizing my shiz. I have one on my water bottle, my notebooks, my laptop, and the list goes on and on and on…the possibilities are endless really.

cute lunchboxes// seriously I have a problem with tupperware. it’s times like these where I honestly debate whether I am 17 and a senior or 30 something and a too-organized mom living through her children. I have an addiction to cute tupperware and lunch boxes, which I must admit makes packing healthy lunches all the more fun! Target always has an amazing section of cute lunch supplies, so check it out next time you’re there!

backpack// this one is a given but there are so many cute and practical options available: Vera Bradley, Etsy, and the new (and adorable) Madeline and Company!

I hope back to school comes slow for you but filled with organizational goodness!

xoxo, Ally


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