beat the heat

5 ways to beat the summer heat

is the summer heat finally kicking up where you are as well? well where I live we have been pretty pampered with spring type weather or rainy days (which I don’t mind because they’re simply excuses for coffee shop days). But that weather is long gone considering it is mid-july and summer weather tends to be well…not very cool. so here are a few ways to stay cool this summer, and still have fun!

iced coffee cubes// okay if you’ve never done this you need to step into your kitchen right now, brew yourself up some coffee (or for me just insert a kcup into my Keurig) and pour what you’ve got into and ice cube tray and freeze those puppies. next time you’re craving that go-to coffee on a hot summer day but don’t want to feel gross sipping your warm coffee while its just as warm outside, head on over to your fridge and put those ice cubes in your mug and pour with some warm water and whatever cream or milk you desire!

pool days// okay although this one is a no-brainer, make sure you’re staying hydrated the whole time you’re gettin your tan on, and don’t be afraid to get you lovely locks wet and actually jump in the pool! By staying hydrated you are re-filling your body of all the water it just sweated out from being hot, so grab that lemon water and sip away, while on a fun float of course...have you seen all these fun ones? (maybe my donuts in my insta???)

get your sweat on indoors// although we still wanna stick with the hydrating on this one…wanna get your workout in for the day but don’t wanna be sweating your booty off in the heat of the day? grab your yoga mat and do some of your fav stretches inside! or better yet grab your bestie and head to a local studio to have some zen time with a friend!

night time adventures// okay so you wanna be outside but you don’t wanna be hot and you don’t wanna be sweaty…man you picky gal. try riding your bike when the sun sets or getting outdoors when it’s dark! just make sure you pack the bug spray!

frozen treats// okay ice cream should’ve been #1 on this honestly. just pick up some deliciousness in a cone and you’ll be set. just make sure it doesn’t melt too fast!

xoxo, Ally

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