real life defined: bad days


this little corner of the web is the little slice of internet that I get to make all my own. this blog is my escape and it’s where I get to make my life look like constant happiness and smiles with every post. but sometimes I wish I could have Hannah Montana’s “The Other Side Of Me” play every time someone opened my blog on whatever techy device they may be on, because despite the pink and gold everywhere and the silly words, I don’t have confetti cannons going off everywhere I go and there are some days that are less than smiles all the time. (although the confetti cannon I should really invest in…) and on the other end of the spectrum my life is anything less than dreadfully awful; I am so blessed with an amazing set of family and friends that love me to pieces and I could just squeeze all of their faces back with love for the appreciation I have for each one of them. but this post today is just to recognize that yes, life is what you make it. 

Marilyn Monroe said that the best kind of girl is one who is happy even when she is sad, and I couldn’t have said that better myself. sometimes life bites you in the butt. or in better and more relatable terms: sometimes you sign up for just about every activity possible because you love them all so much, you want to hang out with your pals, be a good family member and spend time with the fam, study hard and get into your dream school, work your booty off for your other small goals, all while working and making money for the little things in life that you think you need but your parents do not supply for you. (even though I’m pretty sure my monogrammed tee’s that I am eyeing are a necessity) Don’t get me wrong, I heart being busy. I’m the kind of gal who fears boredom. Incase you were curious that’s the same kind of gal who cleans her room at 2 am because it would be better than not being able to fall asleep and being bored. (guilty.) Some days that business catches up to you and you just wanna sleep in but you have to work early that day. Some days you really want a new pair of shoes but saving for college also sounds fab. Some days you really really really need a coffee and Starbucks is out of whipped cream; those are the WORST.

Bad days are real. They happen. I live through them more often than you see on my brightly colored and happy Instagram.  BUT, it’s the final destination that really truly gets me going. When I don’t want to get down to studying: I take a look at my dream college’s requirements and website and get to work. When I can’t seem to find a SINGLE BLOG THEME ON WORDPRESS THAT LOOKS GOOD: (this is the current struggle) i check out my blog besties who have tons of cute ideas. When my sister takes a 45 min shower complete with her versions of the ENTIRE Taylor Swift album: I close my door and and remember I probably did the same thing. (okay no just kidding most of the time there is pounding on the bathroom door and a few shut ups thrown between us but we love each other in the end)

moral of my teeny life definition of bad days is that they happen. but living life is the greatest hobby of all. and to quote Hannah Montana yet again: Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock.

love you to pieces, xoxo, Ally

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