birthday lust list

June 25 approaches quicker every day and I am too thrilled and am quickly going into birthday princess mode faster than you could imagine. Going to Florida with my speech team was my main birthday present from my parents this year (breakfast at sunrises on the beach were all worth it) but I still have a few things that birthday money may go towards…plus who doesn’t like birthday lists? I have a Pinterest version here which is more of an ever-going list of things I’m constantly lusting over but hey a girl has got to dream. As for now here are a few of the things that have popped into my mind recently:


iPhone 6 Case// I AM FINALLY GRADUATING FROM THE IPHONE4S FAMILY!!! I had an upgrade and the 6 was calling my name. now I just need a cute (preferably Kate Spade) case to adorn it so it can be my new tech baby and a fashion statement. I thought this springy green floral print was simply adorable!

JCrew Crew Socks// because everyone needs at least 7 fun pairs of crew socks. these adorable flamingo and polka dotted ones are so funky and i love it!

Decorative Pillows// hoping that my new solid pink bedspread is just an excuse to buy fun pillows to match it! I love this monogrammed pom pom one from PBTeen and have been on the hunt on Etsy for more cute pillow covers to spice up my bed aesthetic. (it’s a thing right? the prettier your bed looks the better sleep you get?)

Polaroid Film// I got a polaroid camera Christmas 2013 and I am in love with it! I’m almost out of film so am on the hunt for some cheap packs of it. I love the idea that it really makes you think before snapping a picture because you only have one shot! But the memories are so worth it!

Any summer birthdays have lists as well? let me know what you’re asking for!

xoxo, Allison

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.33.00 AM 


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