Love It List 3.0


Can I get a #summerhereicome ?? Because that’s how I’m feeling about now! I’ve been window shopping and Pinterest browsing like crazy now that the weather is warming up and have been so IN LOVE with some styles I’ve been seeing time and time again so here are the looks I’m currently craving for my summer wardrobe!Slide1{Stripes and Shifts} shift dresses have always been one of my favorite styles because they’re so simple yet look so put together without even trying. When you throw some stripes on there I’m sold. This adorable simple black and white one with a pop of color block on the bottom is too chic and adorable for summer!

{Jeweled Toned Jewels} as always I’m a big supporter of J.Crew statement necklaces but have particularly been eying the more jewel/pastel tones that go amazingly with a  white blouse and a great summer tan! (we can dream)

{Strappy Sandals} shoes are my weakness but plain leather straps have been all the rage over in Pinterest world and I am catchin the drift of why and falling in love with how versatile these kicks are!

{The Perfect Chambray} let me know if you find the perfect chambray button down because once you do, you’ll never want to wear anything else…ever.

hope you enjoyed a quick little fashion post on some off the pieces I’ve been eyeing and can’t wait to style for these summer months! tomorrow starts real summer schedule for me with dance team at 7 am and no more sleepy days for me! although I’ve been adoring the extra hours of shut eye I cannot wait to get back into routine of things! what about you? how is your summer schedule going? hope you have a super sunny Sunday filled with sunshine and lots of smiles!

xoxo, Allison

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