junior year: that’s a wrap


I’ve planned and re-planned this post in my head over and over countless times wondering how in the world someone is to go about putting the biggest year of their life into words. It’s Tuesday night and I’m finally deciding to set this puppy off after reviewing “por vs. para” for what seems like hours for my spanish final tomorrow. I’ll set this post to be sent out tomorrow after my finals are done and under by belt. Tomorrow I am going to walk into school, be there for three hours and a few minutes, and then be done with junior year. wowza mi amigas. someone pinch me because being a senior is not at all something that seems quite real to me just yet. Junior year for me was huge. Every project, paper, assignment, test and stress (and tear) filled night wrapped up into one big giant stress ball for me; but the goodness in my life this year seemed to abound just as much. I can’t quite put into words how impacted I was by this year, but all I know for sure is I’m 100% a different person than I was on my first day of this year, and am forever grateful for every lesson i’ve learned this year; so here are a few of the lessons I want to give to all of you:

  • luck is finding a dollar in your coat pocket or making it to class 3 seconds before the bell rings. but hard work is acing tests, passing classes, winning games, and being happy with your life. it’s one thing to love a little luck here and there (i know junior year has taught me that ;)xoxo2016) but i’ve learned hard work is just as, if not much more valuable.
  • money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy coffee and shoes which are pretty much the same thing. i mean this one word for word. you can’t always rely on material items to make you happy. but if you’ve worked hard and the shoes make you happy…buy them. or a pair in every color for that matter
  • friends are the best of friends when those friends understand you’re friends and you appreciate being friends. nuff said.
  • mass and weight are NOT the same thing and apparently the weather in Jane Eyre is life or death important to know (disclaimer: 99% of the time its raining)
  • it is perfectly okay to stay home. actually it can be great. you time is strictly the most important time in the world. someone once told me to imagine your life and relationships as buckets of water. if you don’t refill your own with goodness and happiness…you have none to give to others.
  • coffee
  • love life and it’ll love you back. it’s a lot easier to dance through those stormy days when you do it with a smile. times seem ten times less #rough when you’re loving what you’re doing
  • on that note, don’t do anything you don’t 100% love doing. don’t waste time on people or things who don’t bring you to your fullest potential.
  • i squared is ALWAYS -1
  • be nice to people. and get to know them. i’ve gotten to know so many people this year and branching out from just a few friends allows you to see so many perspectives and truly prosper as a leader and a friend. people rock, don’t forget to tell people you appreciate them or that they’re doing a great job

there’s a few of my lessons for the book, take what you want and strive to enjoy your summer and next year of school. I hope you go on so many adventures and have so many days to smile about. here’s to an upcoming senior year and a whole new adventure filled with tons more change and lessons. love life and it will love you right back. love always.

xoxo, Allison

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