happy apps {new picture love}

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Hello Friends! Sorry for the total absence this week I’ve been drowning in speech and dance this week (not complaining though, dance is too fun and our speech team just got 4th at a huge tournament yesterday! Whoo!) BUT I’m finally back in action and ready to share something super cool with you all.

Sooo it’s no secret I’m instagram obsessed. those little squares are the story of my life. and i have a few apps i like to mess around and edit photos with before uploading them to instagram but i’ve found one that’s a hidden gem. My usual go to is called “A Beautiful Mess” and is $0.99 but TOTALLY worth the purchase with tons of fonts and cute emojis to add to your picture. THE OTHER APP is one i’ve always heard other bloggers rave about and one most people have called “VSCO” but little did i know how neato this app actually is. this thing is literally a mini instagram but In a super relaxed way and i’m utterly obsessed with it!!! in the past i was just using its editing features but little did i know until i did some exploring that you could make your own account?!?!?! (i.love.this.app.) 


once you make an account you can upload the pictures you edit to what i like to think of as a mini photo journal. just press “share to your grid” and you’re set!


i just started working on mine today but it’s the perfect way to document your adventures and favorite pictures all in one place without having to scroll through your camera roll! also you can view other people’s accounts but you can’t like their pictures or anything like that, so it is a totally stress free picture no judging zone. (i repeat, LOVE.)


let me know your account name if you end up making one or check mine out! hope you’re as obsessed as i am! pictures are just my all around most favorite way to capture memories or moments or things that i love so this just gives me the perfect opportunity!!

hope your weekend is as happy as ever!

xoxo, Allison

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