happy {snowy} monday

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Happy Snowy Monday!!!!

now I’m a huge supporter of #TeamSummer but this extra sprinkle (or many inches) of snow that Omaha has been getting recently has got me hyped on winter fever. after what seemed like a January that never ceased to end, we are finally moving onto February and my absolute favorite month of the year for too many reasons to count. If you think i loved Christmas, you should see my Valentine’s Day excitement. It’s semi on the verge of super crafty mom who vicariously lives through her children and wants to make all the cards they bring to school for them. (by the way don’t be even slightly surprised if that is me as a mom.) February 2nd was in full snow day swing today and my since day one pal Taylor spent the blizzarding day making some killer pancakes with me and devouring some quick snow ice cream. (if you haven’t made this yet please do) we had a blast today and i sure hope you enjoyed your day off as much as i did!

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**snow ice cream recipe because you all NEED to try it for the fun of it***

4 cups of snow (right out of your front yard)

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 cup of milk

1/4 cup sugar

hope you spend the rest of the week warm and enjoying whatever weather you’re in. to help enjoy it a quick Monday mantra: don’t forget to love what you do. and don’t do things you don’t love. now i’m not saying here’s your excuse to not do any of your school work because you don’t love it, but make sure you realize you don’t HAVE to love the schoolwork itself, but i sure bet you’ll love the smart person you’re becoming or the independent leader you can be when you set your mind to things and accomplish your goals. don’t forget to take time to be thankful for all you have and to love the heck out of anything that makes you happy, you deserve to.

have a wonderful week filled with coffee wake up calls and short work/school-days

xoxo, Allison

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