quick flashback | 16 is sweet

I’m a birthday girl 24/7 hours a day 365 days a year

If you’re wondering if I’m one of those people that uses “it’s my birthday” as an excuse for absolutely anything, you’re absolutely correct.

because I didn’t have this blog back in June, let be update you on my birthday adventures close to 5 months later.

My birthday is June 25 and all I wanted was a monogrammed cake. (and a monogrammed baseball hat, thanks Andie)


low and behold, moms pull through sometimes (pink, green, AND chevron? my mom, rocks.)

I got to share the cake (even though I thought it was too perfect to devour) with my sweet sweet friends after dinner with my most favorite food, sushi.



(I did get made fun of by my friends for eating the salmon on its own, but hey, if it’s THAT good why would I not??)

If you’ve never been to Blue Sushi I HIGHLY recommend it; crunchy blue and Hawaiian rolls are to die for.

This all happened the week before my birthday because it fell on a Wednesday this past summer, but my real birthday was just as filled with smiles and fun. Shopping, sushi date and Grandma’s first try at sushi (she loved it of course) and I taught her how to use sushi emojis when she posted a pic on Instagram! (emojis + grandmas = my new favorite combo)

We then ventured over to Jones Bros for the YUMMIEST cupcakes.

cupcakes 003

Black and White cupcakes are my personal preference but they are all TOO delish!

A birthday wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t get your free birthday Starbucks and my free Very Berry Hibiscus was more than satisfying.


all around my sweet sixteen was sweet beyond words and my sixteenth year of life is living up to the sweet sixteen name

Can’t wait to see what the next seven months of sixteen brings!

xoxo, Allison


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