Friday links 6/14/19

It’s been a HOT minute since I’ve done a set of “links I am loving” on this site. They honestly have always been one of my favorite posts that bloggers write and were one of the reasons I really wanted to start a blog! I may not have the creative juices or energy to produce content every living minute, or week with my past semester schedule, but I can more than happily share what I have been loving browsing at via others!

{one} The most fun and flirty LWD for all your summer needs.

{two} Just maybe the sweetest music video of all time by Us The Duo. Their baby girl is absolutely precious and this song is one of my all time favorites, so hearing their rendition is just perfect.

{three} I have loved Outdoor Voices for awhile now and own two pairs of their leggings that QUICKLY took over the spot of favorite in my closet. This pair of color block ones may be next on my list. If you haven’t tried out OV yet I highly recommend. Their leggings, in my opinion, are far more breathable, durable, and better fitting than any others I’ve ever owned…even beating out my previous favorite ‘wunder unders’ from Lululemon which is saying a lot!

{four} This post by Cupcakes & Cashmere had me adding far too many things to my mental cart. 10 things worth buying that will change your life…? Okay, fine, sold!

{five} I’ve been TRYING to get into meditation for, I don’t know, years. It’s all the rage for mental health right now and with my mind going a million miles a minute just about 24/7, I probably should try a bit harder. However, no matter what I do…it’s just NEVER something I am able to find myself loving! I have tried everything from the well rated Headspace app to aromatherapy to literally forcing myself to sit in quiet…I am still on the search for tips so leave a comment below if you have any! Until then, this article from The Everygirl on meditation for skeptics is my help.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next for more things I have been loving!
xoxo , Ally