weekly wallpaper {1}

Hi all! Happy Monday! KU is absolutely nuts and we don’t resume classes for the spring semester until NEXT TUESDAY, the 22nd. So I’m still back home in Omaha and finding things to keep me busy during the days and working lots at night. Anyways, this lil rant paragraph is more of me using this as one of those “things to keep me busy” hehe oops!

One of my best friends, and one of my two sweet littles at Alpha Chi, Elise, started up her own art print business about two months ago and has been absolutely rockin’ it ever since! She does everything from everyone’s favorite Pinterest quotes to custom portraits! Make sure to check out her instagram @ekmprints for more goodies!

We thought it would be fun to work together and pop on here once a week on Mondays (since everyone needs a little boost on Mondays anyways) and share a fun wallpaper with you weekly! Make sure to comment below or email me if you have any requests for colors, designs, etc, on the wallpapers!



Thanks for reading this Monday and can’t wait to chat with you all again soon!



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