weekly whirlwind

We are two weeks, TWO, weeks away from fall break which means the semester is 1/3 of the way over which is absolutely CRAZY for me to even halfway think about. I have loved college so much so far and am amazed about how fast time really does flu when you’re so busy all the time! Here’s how my week looked:


FAMILY // we had big/little reveal week this past week and boy oh boy was I spoiled. welcome to the blog Cassidy {the stinkin’ cute pineapple}!!!!! I am a TRIPLET which is so fun to have some other girls in my pledge class who share the sam big sis so we can stick together and have tons of fun over the next few years! Cassidy did too good spoiling me and tricking me as to who she was all week (she even read the blog and got me GogoSqueez!!!!) xoxoaxo :’)


my sweet friends that go to UNL back home in Nebraska decided to drive down to good old Lawrence this weekend to spend some time with us Jayhawks & not to brag but I have to say I think they had a blast! Here is my bestie Ann {& SISTER now!!}


I have family that lives about 30 minutes from campus and they decided to pick me up this weekend and I was able to head to my cousin’s xc meet and then we stopped by Limestone Pizza (a MUST if you’re ever in Lawrence) and grab a quick bite. We had three pizzas that were all divine and couldn’t decide on a dessert so we got all 4! hehe I’m never against sharing when it comes to chocolate peanut butter brownies!


Today is a rainy Sunday (and the first day so far that it has been below 80 degrees thank GOODNESS) and my roomie and I are taking advantage of this weather to coffee shop hop and get stuff done!!!! thumbs up for #gsdsundays!

Hope this next week of cooler weather is full of productivity and positivity!

until next time, xoxo, Ally



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